Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two YouTube videos

I just posted a new YouTube video on the Darwin Channel in which Darwin explains the symbiogenetic origin of complex cells using sushi as a visual example. The direct link is here.

Another useful video is one that I posted a long time ago and it has gotten buried under dozens of others. It is called "Darwin eats a hamburger" and it ties several crucial themes in biology together: nutrition (the dangers of eating too much fat), global warming (raising cattle releases a lot of greenhouse gas), and evolution (why we crave fat). In this video, Emma Darwin also speaks from behind the camera. The direct link is here.


  1. OK sushi and endosymbiont origin of plastids and mitochondria is pretty well, like beyond all reasonable doubt, confirmed. But the nucleus? There are lots of intermediates between binary fission and mitosis suggesting that a step-wise elaboration is quite possible, an autogenesis.

  2. I just read somewhere that the nucleus began as an archaean, since archaea have histones. But there are other endosymbiotic theories too.