Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome to Honest Ab!

Welcome to "Honest Ab," a blog about evolution and related topics--that is, almost anything. Nearly every aspect of life is related, somehow, to evolution. Prepare to be surprised. Recurring posts will include "What's new in old evolution?" and "What has evolution done for you lately?" and "We are not amused." I am Stan Rice, a professor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, a rural university in Oklahoma, which makes me something of an evolution missionary, I guess. I am the author of Encyclopedia of Evolution and other books. My website (with book information and environmental essays) is "A Quiet Stand of Alders."

So, who is Honest Ab? "Ab" refers to the weed Abutilon theophrasti, which I used in my thesis experiments a long time ago. It is a beautiful but irritating little relative of cotton and hibiscus. I call myself "Honest Ab" not only for this reason but because I want to take an honest view of evolution and modern life, both human and nonhuman.

I will be particularly interested in hearing your responses to the news items, large and small, that will be appearing in this blog.

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