Friday, December 9, 2011

Staying on Message

This is just a brief note to say that, in this blog, I will attempt to stay “on message” about evolutionary science and related subjects. Inevitably this will take me often into politics and religion, which would not happen if politicians and religious leaders would just focus on their own fields without trying to use evolution as a whipping boy to pick up votes and donations.

I assumed that other evolution blogs would do the same. I was disappointed to see, in August 2011, that Jerry Coyne’s blog was taken up by lots of photos of impressive architecture around St. Petersburg, and even the long-running and respected blog Panda’s Thumb is frequently used for just posting pretty sunset photos. P. Z. Myers’ Pharyngula blog also seems to wander around quite a bit. Nothing wrong with these things, and Jerry Coyne is one of the leaders of modern evolutionary thought, but my intention is to make this blog a useful place for you to learn about evolution. I hope you send your friends to my blog for useful information about evolution. See also my website, where I have a section with lots of photos, but rather than just being pretty sunset photos, they are photos with stories to tell about evolution and biodiversity.

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  1. Thanks for staying on track. I have been subscribed to your blog posts for some time, but I just found your website, A Quiet Stand of Alders, today. I'll be looking over your archives during the holidays.