Saturday, January 2, 2016

Creationist Says that God is Deliberately Deceptive

Let's get the new year started off right, shall we? By deciding whether young-earth creationists are infallible and inerrant, or merely human.

If young-earth creationists are totally infallible and inerrant, then we must believe anything they say, no matter what. They are the ones whom God has uniquely chosen to tell us which parts of the Bible to believe and which to not believe. God has given them the keys to Heaven to decide who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. Hell, obviously, is reserved for anyone who does not believe everything a young-earth creationist says. This sounds a little bit like blasphemy, creationists putting themselves in the place of God, but they refuse to admit this.

They claim to use the Bible, simply and literally interpreted, as their authority. But creationist evangelist Kent Hovind, who has been in prison for tax evasion (he apparently considered himself a citizen of heaven and therefore not owing federal taxes), claimed that God deliberately inserted errors into the Bible in order to weed out atheists. He made this claim in a video posted last December 28.

Our faith in what? There are lots of religious people who believe in God, but admit that the Bible contains errors, because it was written by humans who were simply doing the best they could to understand God but sometimes didn't get it right. Hovind was not referring to them. What he meant was, God put errors into the Bible to weed out those people who were not willing to accept Hovind as the inerrant communicator of truth. By putting mistakes into the Bible, God is weeding out those who worship Hovind from those who do not.

Conservative Christians, and the politicians who serve them, are so convinced of their own godliness that they cannot conceive that God would ever allow them to be wrong. If they think it, then it must be God's Very Truth even if it contradicts the Bible. To them, you might as well be an atheist if you disagree with even one thing they assert.

It looks like 2016, an election year in which creationists will identify God with the Republican Party, will be one in which there is no reason or evidence, even about the Bible. It will simply be a year in which fundamentalist Christians declare anyone who disagrees with them on any point to be a heretic. And we all know what people who are convinced that they are God's unique people can do to those whom they consider to be heretics. Don't bother asking them for any Biblical reasons for their beliefs. They jettisoned that requirement a long time ago.

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