Monday, March 21, 2011

The Battle of the Church Marquees

In an entry earlier this year, I posted a photo of a church marquee in Durant, Oklahoma that renounced evolution. A few years ago this same church had a marquee that renounced the Big Bang. (Both of these photos are on my website, under "Evolution photos."

But a different kind of church marquee appeared in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 20, 2011. It was a marquee announcing the celebration of Evolution Sunday. And it had my name on it, as the guest speaker.

Fellowship Congregational Church, under the leadership of Rev. Paul Ashby, is to be commended for embracing the truth of evolution and trying to figure out its spiritual insights and consequences. I publicly announce my thanks to Paul Ashby, to Jim Derby (retired geologist who arranged the meeting), and to the people who attended my lecture and asked good questions.

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