Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Evolution in Oklahoma, a Road Trip: An Encounter with Creationism

Time is running out to sign up for the Oklahoma Evolution Road Trip May 30-June 2. Information and links are available immediately below (previous blog entries). More information, and online registration, is available here.

We will also visit a couple of creationist museums on this trip. The purpose is not to create any confrontations, either between us and the creationists or within our group (since there may be some diversity of viewpoints among the attendees). What we intend to do when we visit the museums is to find out what the creationists have to say; to ask insightful questions; and then to afterwards discuss what we have seen. In particular, we will discuss some of the creationist claims that are not even clearly stated in the Bible, but appear to have been made up whole cloth by the creationists. I have met these creationists and they are not stupid; so, what IS their motivation? What makes them believe things that, to anyone outside their circles (even to most conservative Christians) seem ridiculous? Let’s talk about it.

The museums are the Creation Evidences Museum in Bokchito, Oklahoma and Carl Baugh’s dinosaur-and-human-footprint museum down in Texas (which I described in blog entries from March 2011). The Baugh museum is not worth a six hour round trip by itself but it is right next to Dinosaur Valley State Park. We will see many dinosaur footprints there, if the water is low. When I visited in Fall 2011 (see blog entries) the water was very low. We probably will not have such prime conditions on this visit, but we can see at least some dinosaur footprints and discuss what you can learn from them.

We hope to have all registrations by May 3, so we can make a decision about whether the trip will have enough people. We need 9 and we have 6.

Above all, it should be a great group of people for discussion, the kind of people you will enjoy spending a weekend with.

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